Callie Quinn is one of the main characters in cursed, she is the daughter of Queen Rhea and King Desmond. Her mom is a witch and her dad is a vampire-werewolf hybrid making her all three.

Biography Edit

Callie got adopted when she was a baby by a man named Lewis Quinn, he was one of the richest men in New York and had a multi million dollar company. He died when Callie was 7 which is when she went back to foster care.

She inherited his money when she turned 18, which is when she bought her own apartment in New York which she has been living in alone for 9 months.

Early Life (foster care) Edit

Sunnyville group home: Sunnyville is a group home for foster boys and girls. Callie had a rough time there the first time, she was bullied and beat up by the other kids but the second time she was there no one would touch her because she learned how to fight back. The first time she was there from age 7-10 and the second time she was there from age 16-17.

Ian and Katie's home: She got fostered by Ian and Katie when she was 10 and she stayed there until she was 12, they were an amazing couple who were really kind too her. They didn't have a lot of money but it didnt matter because they always had her back that was until Katie got pregnant and they sent her back to foster care.

Girls group home: from ages 12-14 she lived in an all girls group home in Boston, although it wasn't a very good place she didn't get bullied or beat up instead the kids there only got one meal a day which was a very small portion.

Robert and Linda's home: at the age of 14 she got fostered by Robert and Linda who were horrible people, they would always be drunk and they would sell drugs and Robert would sometimes hit Callie when he was annoyed, she was stuck there till she was 16. She even had to fight of sexual advances from him.

Personality Edit

Callie is very guarded due to her up bringing. She can come off as very standoffish and quick tempered.

She is shown to be very strong-willed, hot-headed, stubborn, smart, sarcastic, independant, loyal, headstrong and protective over those she loves. She says what she wants without thinking of how it will effect people. she also has a sweet, caring and compassionate side to her as well and when she's happy she is bubbly and outgoing.

Although she seems very tough and closed off she is known to be brave, fearless, selfless and even self-sacrificing by putting others needs before her own.

Callie & Caleb's relationship Edit

Caleb and Callie start of rocky, Caleb makes an effort with her but she brushes him off. Later they have a heart to heart and thats when their relationship starts to form.

Caleb and Callie share a vision power, they get visions of eacother when the other is in danger or scared. Sometimes they can even dream about the same things. The vision power lets them see through the others eyes and also lets them feel what the other is feeling.

Eiffel Edit

Eiffel is Callie's pet, the green fairy created her to look after Callie in the new world knowing that she wouldn't be able to.

Eiffel can shapeshift between:

  1. Cat
  2. Ferret
  3. Mouse
  4. bird
  5. Snow leopard

Eiffel is like a part of Callie, if Eiffel gets hurt so does Callie and if Callie gets hurt so will Eiffel. If Callie dies so will Eiffel but if Eiffel dies Callie will only be temporarily dead.

When she wakes up she will be:

  1. sick for 2 weeks
  2. always feel like something is missing
  3. they will be a darker side to her
  4. she will be in physical pain for a while

Powers & Abilities Edit


  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Super agility
  • Super senses
  • enhanced healing factor
  • imortality
  • day walking
  • enhanced emotions
  • Lycanthrope Enhancement (eyes)
  • mind compulsion
  • shapeshifting
  • Telepathy
  • dream manipulation
  • illusions
  • killer bite


  • spell casting
  • channelling
  • potion brewing
  • telekinesis
  • vision sharing with Caleb
  • pain infliction
  • element control
  • astral projection
  • teleportation

Weaknesses Edit

  • Eiffel
  • vervain
  • wolfsbane
  • heart extraction
  • invitation
  • Wood

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