King Desmond is one of the main characters in cursed. He is the king of Asgard and is the husband to Rhea. He has two children, Callie and Caleb.

Biography Edit

Desmond was born in West Asgard, he is the son of Jon and Fiona who ruled the west side of Asgard. His mother is a werewolf and his father is a vampire making him both although it is very rare to be more than one species.

Desmond was set to marry Astrid before he met Rhea and when he did he consulted with his father and told him he was in love. His father told him to follow his heart because he would regret it for the rest of his life whilst his mother told him to grow a pair and honour his duty to thier people. He followed his fathers advice and left for the capital where Rhea's castle is and they got married he then became king when she became queen.

His parents are still in Asgard because the curse didnt reach that far west although he pres they are dead when he wakes up and can't find them.

Personality Edit

Desmond is cery protective he will stop at nothing for those he loves even if that means doin the wrong thing, he can sometimes be impulsive when it comes to doing what's right for his family which can make things worse.

He is however very brave, tough, strong, romantic, kind, loving and always there for his people and his family

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