Rhea is one of the main characters in cursed. She is the queen of Asgard and is married to Desmond. She is also the mother to Caleb and Callie who she had with Desmond before she met Desmond she had a son named Felix.

Biography Edit

Rhea is the daughter of Simon and Sofia, they were King and queen before she was. Her mother was a with and her father was a vampire.

Rhea's mom died when she was young so she had to try and work out how to be a witch on her own, she is one of the most powerful witches known. Her dad died just after Rhea and Desmond fell in love, Astrid injected her father with werewolf toxin for revenge on Rhea stealing her fiancé.

Rhea and Desmond met at a ball that his father dragged him too, they were forced to share a dance and at first they disagreed on everything but by the end of the night they knew they had a connection. Desmond then left Astrid for Rhea and they got married a few months later.

Personality Edit

Rhea is very optimistic, polite, thoughtful, comforting and sweet. She is described to be enthusiastic, sympathetic, compassionate and nurturing. She is very selfless and will do anything for her people and her land.

She is shown to be vey romanti, loving, kind, independent and protective over her friends and family.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • spell casting
  • channelling
  • potion brewing
  • telekinesis
  • pain infliction
  • element control
  • astra projection
  • teleportation
  • ability to see someone's past and future
  • possession
  • illusions
  • dream manipulation
  • telepathy

Weaknesses Edit

  • herbs
  • curse
  • magic
  • nature

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